The basic idea is to travel on the Euro-Asian zone on the so called Silk-road. The Silk-Road is Eurasian landmass that connected East, South and Western Asia with the Mediterranean and European world.
I left the Silk-road in Kazakhstan and went to amazing lands of Russia. Crossing the Altai region entering to Mongolia-land with great history. Leaving Mongolia and entering again in to Russia and crossing Siberia and Ural region over beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. After leaving Russia, entering in to the Ukraine, reach the Hungary and went back home to Slovenia.

And the most important...I attend to do these as first in the world on ATV.

Paved and mostly unpaved roads, steppe, deserts, rocky terrain, altitudes from 0m oversee up to mountain passes over 4.600m is challenge only for the most reliable, powerful in technologically advanced atv-es in the world.
I attend to crossing 14 countries and ride 18.000km


01. Greece
Igoumentisa-kipoi (650km)

03. Iran
Bazargan-Bajgiran (1.540km)

05. Uzbekistan
Farab Bukhara-Sufion (500km)

07. Kyrgyzstan
Kyzyl Art-Bishkek (750km)

09. Russia-Altai
Tret'jakovo-Tsagaannuur (450km)

11. Russia-Syberia & Ural
Khandagayty-Glotovo (4.900km)

13. Hungary
Tiszabecs-Redics (550km)

02. Turkey
Ipsala-Gürbulak (1.680km)

04. Turkmenistan
Bajgiran Ashgabat-Farab (680km)

06. Tajikistan
Besh Tepa-Kyzyl Art prelaz (950km)

08. Kazakhstan

Georiyevka-Shemonaikha (1.400km)

10. Mongolia
Tasganta-Khandagayty (1.150km)

12. Ukraine
Lukashivka-Vylok (1.300km)

14. Slovenia