About me


Probably one of the unpleasant order is to write a review about yourself. Especially, since usually all we think about ourselves only the best , but in relation to others these is not necessarily always true and correct . Anyone who thinks otherwise is ripe to shrink . Nevertheless, some facts .

I was born 1967 in Maribor, in average family. Years of schooling and professional career were dynamic and I finally anchored at the Veterinary Hospital Ptuj , where Im feel grat in the team of my associates . It is hard to describe my character ... I would just say that by horoscope I'm libra and I am extremely averse to unfairness and injustice . I'm very attached to the family and the small circle of my friends , I'm trusting nature , but over the years I've managed to build a personal system that protects me from unpleasant matters. I love good company , adventure and challenges , but I always take them extremely seriously and do all my best to handle them on the right and best way .

The project GoEastTour is not my first project , but it is undoubtedly the biggest and if all goes well, Im shure not the last.