The idea


Actually, it all started with the project KoKa2012 . At that time, me and my friends at the K4K club, organized the first multi-day adventure with quads . Many common events and discussions , planning, and laughter is a total of 6 yielded, a memorable day adventure. Full of good memories when we return , I was all enthusiastic soon pushed into a dream about something really big .... the real challenge. Several days of studying Google Earth, gave a final answer and a new challenge ...Stan's. Lands of the Euro -Asian area after which it once flowed famous Silk Road.  In my head, the idea has grown, to reach and to drive that road, as first on the world with atv. All excited, I presented the idea to my friends from K4K . The first sobering moment came soon . Friends were enthusiastic about the project and the matter shall be accompanied by juicy comments that they were somehow fun , but soon I found sad, that my team this time from true objective reasons, will not be able to join me. At first these present me a really big problem.I did not imagine how can i went on such an adventure alone…without friends who I care about, I respect and appreciate. And for a while I put the Idea a little bit on the side. But a worm adventurer, did not give me peace and put me back to the project.

In the next phase , I decided to go on a journey with my son Tim . At that time 16 annual teen addicted to quads, of course, did not need to hear it  2x . Plans ranging in its 18 year , when he had a driver's license and will be completed as the only outstanding condition for the implementation of the project . Well, soon there came a chill in the form of my wife..Tim mother who someday realize that this is real. Followed by serious discussions and perhaps fortunately, I once again stay alone.


What to say at the end…or beginning? The adventure started and the »big whelss« of preparing are unstoppable.  So let them rolling….