My family ...

My wife Janja, daughter Nika and son Tim. My everything. Although they are not happy that I'm going on this adventure,they really do their best to understand me. Above all, they are my greatest support and return to them, will be my strongest motive on the way and hold me up well.

I love you all and I promise I'll be back!

Dejan, Sandi, Samo in Jani

My four friends who explain me at the first moment of my idea, that I'm push a little bit to much. When they realize that I'm serious, they offer me all support that i need 24 hours per day. Since then, they care, that my preparing went well, as much as possible. Thx my friends...I know that you don't understand me completely...but without you, it will be very hard for me.

When i come back a nice diner at" Eagles nest" is on me...;)

Ksenija and Tomaž - the owner of company Ski&Sea d.o.o.

As owners of the company, who represent the BRP products...brand of Atv, which I will use on these adventure..they help me from the very first moment, and offer me a full support which I need. Beginning with huge help in purchases of the vehicle and equipment, they also gave me a full technical support, which I will needed on these adventure.

Thank you, and the BRP company. You are simply great!

Emil Senčar

Director of the company where I work, and big motorcycle enthusiast. Without his understanding and support, my absence in working process will be impossible. Thank you for understanding and support...

In these occasion I would like to thanks my co-workers Roman and Vojko, who will ensure, that the working process will continue while ill be absence...Thx dear friends

Gregor Globočnik

One of those people who know his job, and he is willing to help without so many discussions. As the director of PowerCom company, he care that these web sites are functional and the people all over the world can read about that project.

Thank you these moment that's everything i can say...whenever you need now how to find me...;)