The vehicle


CanAm - Outlander 800 XT -P

A few words about the choice of vehicle for the Tour .... STANKOTU ... When I started thinking about this adventure, was one of the biggest dilemmas which vehicle to choose . It was only the fact that I will certainly choose Can- Am Outlander Max . At first I play with the idea to go with my "old" 650" , year 2008. In fact, in all 27,000 kilometers , there was no appreciable problem. Logical conclusion would have been, to do some upgrades, a thorough review of the engine ... and " ready to go" ! But there are some additional elements which make me to started to think about a new atv. The basis of the model and the quality I had ... so what to choose and why.

After a thorough , long and careful consideration, I have decided for the new Can- Am Outlander 800R XT -P Max . Why  this model? According to past experience I know that 650ccm . Rotax engine is enough for this adventure .. but since the engine will be loaded and following a truly with all necessary equipment , I decided to 800ccm . aggregate. Larger volume of engine offer me a reserve, which will allow for optimal use in the mid-range of engine operation.

Max is of course a logical choice due to space and wheelbase , which will provide enough comfort during this difficult journey. XT -P model provides the basic equipment of exactly what I need . Aluminum handlebars that will allow installation of the navigation device and mobile phone and other devices to keep track in time - and that will always be on hand. Then there are the " bead lock " rim to repair a tire in case of a major injury  ... very important in cause of unpleasant problems , some 100km from the first " garage workshop ". And of course, Fox Podium X shock absorbers, which allow optimum suspension setting , depending on engine load and the ground . All this , of course, to maximize the comfort of the driver . There is still a large digital-to- analog display, which in this model provides some additional useful information such its  motor temperature , the state of DPS , clock, and other already known parameters . Digital display of speed and engine speed, are supported with great analog counters for a quick and easy overview of the situation . Winch and basic protection gear are additive , which I hope I do not need ... but because in such a way anithing can happen is good to have them available. The new model also has a great new headlamps and will not need to install additional lights. Of course there are many other details such as the battery pack installed under the seat , a new easy- access air filter , etc. .... all of which makes the quick and easy access if necesary.

And finally ... the name does not matter that the engine is just the thing ....but… we'll be together as one , many days and miles, at the bad and the good , mud , rain and sun ....! And when you go through all of these together is just that the name of this thing ... the matter becomes more personal. In the company of friends K4K we find a quick solution . Vehicle name will be STANKO ! Why ? ... Because he will  take me far away to the east through all sorts of Stan-s ( Turkmenistan , Uzbekistan , Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan ....). So STANKO !